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Code Maintenance

Throughout sfPMS, there are configurable drop-down menus on specific Doc types. For example, on the Change Order document, the Change Code field is a configurable field. You can populate this drop-down with pick list options that make sense for your…
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Comments Tab

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series All About Contacts

Comments are a quick way to track some remarks about a Contact, for example, skills, training classes, licenses, etc. Other users may be able to view the Comments entered in your own Contact record, so use this Comment section accordingly….
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Types of Contacts

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People in sfPMS are assigned one of the following types: Customer: ┬ápeople who are linked to Customer companies. Vendor: ┬ápeople who are linked to Vendor companies. Other: ┬ápeople who are linked to Other companies. Employee: people who work at your…
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