Freeform Date Prefixes

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You can create freeform date prefixes that begin with an F and are followed by a combination of the elements listed below.

Note: The table uses the date Thursday, March 9, 2017, 4:05 pm.

Element Description Result
d date without leading zero 9
dd date with leading zero 09
ddd abbreviated name of the day Thu
dddd full name of the day Thursday
M month without leading zero 3
MM month with leading zero 03
MMM abbreviated name of the month Mar
MMMM full name of the month March
yy year without the century, with leading zero 17
yyyy year with the century 2017
h hour in a 12-hour clock, no leading zero 4
hh hour in a 12-hour clock with leading zero 04
H hour in a 24-hour clock, no leading zero 16
HH hour in a 24-hour clock with leading zero 16
m minute without leading zero 5
mm minute with leading zero 05
t A for AM or P for PM P
tt AM/PM designator PM
b blank space (used to separate elements)
x default date separator (/ for US) /
c a comma ,
X default time separator (: for US) :


For example:

FMMMMbddcbyyyy_DocHeader_DocDate March 9, 2017
FMxdxyy_DocHeader_DocDate 3/9/17
FyyyybMMMbdd_DocHeader_DocDate 2017 Mar 09
FddxMMxyyyybhhXmmbtt_DocHeader_DocDate 03/09/2017 04:05 PM